Two times a year BIWC’S Vice-President organises a meeting with the Special Interest and Neighbourhood Group Coordinators.

After 18 months with no activities in person, it was a priority for me to organise this Coordinators’ meeting as soon as possible after becoming BIWC’s new Vice President in 2021 and as soon as certain pandemic restrictions had been lifted.

We met at Café Chapeau on a Tuesday in August. On arrival, we all could just not stop laughing. What a joy to see each other again, a warm welcome to all the Coordinators and Inga, our new President.

At the meeting, our special guest, Joan Luft, member of the web team, updated us on the Club’s Facebook public and private group pages. Then we talked about our experience with Zoom activities, discussed BIWC regulations for indoor activities, and entered dates for future activities in the activity calendar. Sabine, our Social Events Coordinator, invited us to the summer event on 4th September and also shared her plans for future Club events with us.

I would like to thank the Coordinators very much for their time and interest in participating in the first meeting of 2021, bringing joy, enthusiasm, new ideas and confirming that they will continue to organise excellent activities for our members!

Diana, Vice President