Welcome to BIWC

The Berlin International Women’s Club is the place to meet other women who want to share their interests and free time to connect with the city of Berlin while enjoying a rich variety of events and activities, and making new friends.

Organised by its members, the BIWC is open to women of all nationalities and offers a safe and supportive environment where the benefits of intercultural exchange can be enjoyed by all. Our motto is ‘Let’s stay together and share your experience’ because that’s what we do!

The club has kept pace with changing times and our 234 members currently include retirees, mothers, and single or partnered professional women of all ages from 50 nations.

Activities and Events

Members can connect through the monthly meeting with announcements and programme or informal Meet & Greet sessions in one of the city’s cafes. They can also choose from a programme of free or reasonably priced activities such as walking in nature, hiking, business lunches, evening drop-ins, Berlin discovery trips, hobby groups, language, science and book groups and a range of regular one-off events.

BIWC’s connections with a network of international sister clubs also offers the chance to take part in occasional national and international group visits. Our monthly on-line newsletter and a private Facebook page means members can plan ahead and keep in easy contact with each other.

Share your passion

Members are encouraged and supported in forming their own activity group so whether it’s architecture, Zumba or something else that you love, this is your chance to get together with others who want to learn about, take part in, or discuss your favourite subject.

Giving back

“Giving back” is also a part of club’s activities and, since its founding, many members have volunteered to help people whose lives are in crisis by raising thousands of euros through organising special events and making donations.

Interested in joining us?

If you are new to Berlin or are already settled here, you can be sure of a friendly welcome. Find out more by contacting our Membership secretary or come along to one of our monthly meetings with interesting programmes (first Tuesday evening of each month) or an informal morning Meet & Greet session (22nd of each month 10:30 – 12:30). You don’t need to register, just drop by to meet some of us and talk to our Membership secretary. For more details, click on the button below.

Most of our members came to Berlin without knowing anyone and have made long-standing friendships, learned new skills and developed new interests through the club.

We look forward to meeting you!

Our recent activities

We provide a welcoming space for women of all nationalities to interact and get involved in Berlin life — using English as the common language. What do our current and former members have to say?

I’ve met a lot of interesting people through the club and made a lot of friends.  It can be hard to get into contact with Berliners in the beginning so the Club was a great opportunity to meet people.
When I first joined,  I was very shy and worried about my English skills. I have a migration background so it was good to meet people with a similar life experience. You can learn so much from different cultures and it changes the way you think. I enjoy that very much.
The club has an amazing range of activities and is a really nice group of open-minded women.

The Club is a great way to expand my circle of friends and to meet like-minded women. Moreover, it is a great way not to feel alone as you meet other women who are experiencing the same issues as they navigate through this wonderful city. 

The club gives me a good feeling. It is lovely to meet people from all over the world. Everyone brings something into the club and we learn from each other. I love it!
The club has provided me with a wonderful network of people. I made new friends and have always been so impressed by the women I meet through the club.

 I think the Club is such a great place for people who want to share their skills with others. We can all learn from each other.


I have met some really friendly women and they have been so helpful, contacting me with advice and information in answer to my questions.

Anne Marie

The Club gives you the opportunity to make new friends, get to know Berlin and learn new things. I have certainly expanded my skills base as other members are always happy to show you how to do new things.


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