We have a rich variety of activities including business lunches, discovery visits to places of interest in the city and surrounding areas, sports and cultural groups, charity support work, and regular get-togethers for you
to engage with.

Our monthly email newsletter keeps our current members informed about upcoming events.

How can you participate in our activities?

Meet & Greet

Twice a month — two venues, two different times — we invite you to learn about our Club and its activities.

International Visits

Our International Coordinators host the visits of other International Women’s Clubs (IWCs) to Berlin, or they organise visits to Sister Clubs for BIWC members.

In the past, we’ve been invited to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Dublin, Paris, Hamburg and Malta  — and we’ve hosted visits of the IWC clubs of Paris, Hamburg and Malta.

New Member Welcome Get Togethers

We regularly welcome new members to a private gathering.

New members have the chance to get to know each other, representatives of the Executive Committee or Coordinators of our Special Interest and Neighbourhood Groups.

Special Interest Groups

We offer a wide spectrum of Special Interest Groups that cater to our physical health, our intellectual and cultural development and much more.

Social Events

Larger events are organised throughout the year, usually with a cultural, historical or social theme.

They include the Annual General Meeting in spring, a summer event, the Annual Volunteer Appreciation event and a festive event in December.

We want to hear from you. Do you have questions about BIWC?