Stay fit & healthy

  • Go Hiking – a hike through three of Berlin’s many parks.
  • Stroll in the Park, Walking Tiergarten, Walking Schlachtensee – walk every week.

Get to know Berlin better

  • Exploring Berlin will do a tour in English of the Archenhold Observatory.
  • Art & Architecture visit the newly opened Museum für Asiatische Kunst @ the Humboldt Forum.
  • North-East Neighbourhood Group visit the Documentation Center (Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation – Flucht, Vertreibung, Versöhnung).
  • South-West Neighbourhood Group will tour the Dahlem Historical Center.

Meet & TrEAT

  • Cook In & Dine Out will enjoy a Greek lunch @ a member’s house. Greek members Jenny and Christina will provide samples of Greek delicacies.
  • Business Lunch will dine @ Diekmann.
  • Kool Kiez will lunch @ Brecht’s Steakhouse by the Spree.

Improve your language skills

Each group meets up twice a month in person or via Zoom:

  • German Speakers
  • “LovinGerman” ? You Will. This group discuss German words and expressions.
  • English Speakers meet @ Käks. At one of the meetings, the group will discuss a fearless and famous woman, Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly the Atlantic over a century ago.
  • French Speakers

Read, review and discuss via Zoom

  • The Science Group will discuss The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus, The Mathematics of Christmas, by Hannah Fry and Thomas Oléron-Evans.
  • The Afternoon Book Group will discuss The Night Watchman by Louise Erdrich.

Stay informed

  • November’s Social Event will take place via Zoom conference. A senior police officer will talk about her professional life.
  • The Evening Group will hear about Brigitte’s holiday experiences in Iceland this year. The talk will be followed by finger food.


The Club has several Mah Jong groups who play regularly.