Meet&Greet – special event with Dr. Soleimankehl

Come join us for our Evening Meet and Greet with Dr. Farzana Soleimankehl, a mother, the wife of a German diplomat, a lawyer specializing in women’s rights,and author of the book Killing the Good Girl.

Dr. Soleimankehl is from Afghanistan, was raised in Hamburg, and did her university studies in Germany.
Today she works for women’s rights and teaches Islamic Law to foreign service officers. Killing the Good Girl is a collection of stories from 11 different women from Afghanistan, America, the former GDR, Lebanon, Venezuela, India, England, China, Jordan, and Iran.
“Despite the differences in their origin, religion and social background, their fates are frighteningly similar.
Discrimination, honor killings, forced marriages, violence, oppression and abuse are the everyday life in which these women grew up. Autobiographically, they tell of theirpath to freedom. This path, whether it be called feminism, emancipation or me-too movement, was taken by each of them alone.
Fate has now brought them together so that they can raise their voices together in this book.


05 Mar 2024


18:30 - 20:30

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