Want to improve your English? Or German or French or Spanish? Or share your interest in English language books?
Here are some groups for you.

English Group
In the BIWC, as in so much of the modern world, the language of communication is English. As non-native speakers, you can not only increase your conversational skills, but also gain the opportunity to improve your English by participating in our English conversation group. We read and talk about topics in the news, and improve our grammar a little along the way. Everyone is welcome, whatever your standard of English.

French Group
Parlez-vous français? If you want to improve your French, come and join us. We usually meet twice a month and discuss French news or interesting subjects, characters etc. The article or video is sent to you by email before the meeting. A bientôt!

German Group
Members who would like to improve their German skills meet with a native German speaker to read and discuss recent newspaper articles. In this way, you can increase not only your conversational skills, but also gain a deeper insight into German culture and customs. Questions regarding “strange German customs” are often raised and answered, and sometimes very lively discussions ensue!

Kaffeeklatsch Group
Our group offers opportunities to practice your German in a relaxed, nonjudgmental setting and to take part in interesting and varied activities at the same time. For example, we have strolled through the Berlin Festival of Lights together, and we have learned about how to talk with doctors in German!

Spanish Group
Spanish speakers come from many different countries, which share similarities in food, art, music and cultural traditions. Our friendly Spanish speakers group exemplifies this diversity and relatedness. We share a variety of Spanish-language social and cultural activities. A Christmas party, a New Year’s brunch and a summer lunch have become a tradition in this group.

Afternoon Book Group
A longstanding book group now meets regularly by Zoom, so that members can join the discussion from wherever they happen to be. We talk about English-language literature (mostly novels) from all over the world.

Biographies Book Group
Biographies offer wonderful windows into the worlds of politics, science, the economy, the arts, and simply daily life in places and times remote from our own. Sometimes we target a specific book, and other times we target a particular individual: group members read different biographies of this individual, thus bringing interestingly contrasting views to our discussion.