Neighbourhood Group events are open to all members, not just those who live in the designated part of Berlin. The group coordinators are members who know these areas well and can introduce us to places of interest that we might never otherwise have discovered. The groups also provide a meeting point for new members to get acquainted.

North-East Neighbourhood Group
How close could you come to passing the exam to become a master spirit distiller? What happens to your recycling after it leaves your home? What can an archaeological dig find under the streets of central Berlin? Our group excursions have posed and answered these and many other questions about life in our part of Berlin.

South-West Neighbourhood Group
We offer a wide range of different activities, including outings to local beauty spots, museums and other places of interest in Berlin and the surrounding area. Eighteen of us even went on a shopping spree to a town in Poland where pottery is made. We sometimes have events in members’ homes, or invite guest speakers to talk to us about their work, their home countries, etc.