• Stay fit
    Health & Well-being: facial massage with Gua Sha techniques @ Anne Marie’s home
    Stroll in the Park, Walking Tiergarten, Walking Schlachtensee: these groups walk every week
    Garden & Nature: a tour of Hannah Hoech’s house in Reinickendorf followed by coffee


  • Get to know Berlin
    Art & Architecture: a visit to the newly-opened Humboldt Forum. Explore the outer areas of the Schlüter Hof. A visit to the exhibition Terrible Beauty: Elephant – Human – Ivory
    Compass: a stroll around Berlin’s Festival of LightsHouse of the Wannsee Conference
    North-East Neighbourhood Group: a visit to the Inselgalerie art gallery with a talk by Kathrin Schrader followed by refreshments
    South-West Neighbourhood Group: a visit to the House of the Wannsee Conference followed by refreshments
    Concert Goers: recommend concerts @ the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Musikinstrumentenmuseum and the Mendelsson Remise

Summer Event_04.09.21 Van Loon

  • Meet & TrEAT
    Summer Event: lunch on the boat Van Loon, moored in the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg
    Business Lunch: @ Brasserie Colette Tim Raue
    Cook In & Dine Out: meet up twice @ the annual Wine Fountain event on Rüdesheimer Platz
    Kool Kiez: an early evening meal @ Il Nuovo Cristallo in Zehlendorf
    Meet & Greet: twice a month, on the 8th and 22nd, members get together @ Käks and welcome potential members to join them



  • Improve your language skills
    German Speakers: meet twice a month
    English Speakers: will meet @ Käks to discuss schooldays. Are they the best days of our lives?
    LovinGerman? You will: twice a month the group takes a look @ German words and expressions


  • Read, review and discuss via Zoom conference
    Science Group: the curious science of the military at war. The group review the book Grunt by Mary Roach
    Afternoon Book Group: Gilgi, One of Us by Irmgard Keun

Photo credits: On top of the Siegessäule: member of the Tiergarten Walking Group and Robbie for the Humboldt Forum.