Get the New Year off to the right start by joining old friends and new for a tour, a lunch, a walk, a chance to polish your language skills, to talk about new books, or just to relax with a coffee and crafts or games.

Get Out and Explore

Tuesday, 24 January A guided tour of that classic Berlin landmark, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, including both the new church building and the memorial hall in the old tower. Our special tour will let us visit the gallery between the spectacular blue windows, which is not normally open to the public.


Eat, Drink, and Enjoy

Sunday, 8 January Greet the New Year with a glass of prosecco at our first Meet and Greet of 2023, with a toast to a new year filled with adventures, peace, and a healthy life!

Tuesday, 10 January Annual New Year’s Coffee of the Northeast Neighbourhood Group—a wonderful chance to catch up with old friends and get to know new ones!

Friday, 13 January Lunch at Mr. Hai Noon in Savignyplatz, which specializes in Asian fusion cooking and a vast array of sushi.

Thursday, 19 January Lunch at Reinhardt’s on the Kurfürstendamm with its wonderful terrace: down-to-earth, seasonal cuisine with influences from France and Italy.

Talk About Books

Monday, 23 January The Science Group talks about gene editing, based on books about the Nobel-Prize-winning scientist Jennifer Doudna, who developed a technique for editing the genome in living organisms. Uses–sometimes highly controversial uses–for this technique include the creation of new medicines and agricultural products, the control of pathogens and pests, and also, possibly, the treatment of inherited diseases.

Dr. Jennifer Doudna

Monday, 30 January  The Afternoon Book Group discusses Black Cake, by Charmaine Wilkerson, a novel about Caribbean immigrants to the US that celebrates second chances and complicated family relationships.

Stay Fit With Walking Groups

Saturday, 14 January A hike through highlights of the Kreuzberg neighborhood: the Oberbaumbrücke, Schlesisches Tor, Engelbecken (a chance to see swans!), Graefekiez, Marheinke Markthalle (a chance to get warm!), and Bergmannstraße (sometimes described as one of the most colorful streets in the city).

Every Wednesday A walk around Schlachtensee.

Tiergaren winter walkers

Every Thursday A walk in Tiergarten.

Crafts, Languages, and Games

Thursday, 5 January Relax and recharge your mental batteries with our Craft Mania group—knitting, crocheting, and more!

Tuesday, 10 and 24 January German speakers

Wednesday, 11 and 25 January French speakers

The Club has several Mah Jong groups that play regularly.

Photo credits:
KWG Kirche, by  Sergei Galyonkin, File:2017-02-12_Kaiser_Wilhem_Church,_Berlin.jpg?uselang=de#file
Jennifer Doudna, by Sam Willard
Tiergarten walkers, by Inga Werdnik