How nice it was to have a Christmas party again, after a year and more of pandemic restrictions!


On a cold, snowy evening, about forty of us met at the Genazvale, a Georgian restaurant in Wilmersdorf. The tables were laden with food, and we tucked in, eager to sample the tasty spread. The starter consisted of a variety of choices, all of them delicious—especially one made of aubergine mixed with nuts. There followed another selection of dishes, from dumplings stuffed with spicy minced meat to a crunchy cheese pastry/bread. Then came huge platters of chicken and lamb kebabs, very succulent and beautifully cooked, accompanied by vegetables, salad and bread. We still managed to find room for the dessert which consisted of three different kinds of cakes, creamy and crumbly, one of which was named after Napoleon. It was certainly a meal to remember.

Thank you, Diana, Sabine and Natasha, for the combined efforts of Cook In & Dine Out and Social Events in choosing this restaurant and organising the evening. The gifts of a very useful torch and chocolates were a brilliant touch.