Some marvelous outdoor activities are planned, so we hope for a “golden October”—but if the weather turns on us, there are always cafés and restaurants, book groups and film and craft groups, and … something for everyone!

Get Out and Explore

Thursday, 12 October We walk from Viktoria-Luise-Platz (Berlin’s first public square to have electric light!) to Wintefeldtplatz (Christopher Isherwood/ Cabaret territory), and finish with a visit to the studio of the late painter and graphic artist Jürgen Tenz.

Friday, 20 October A walk in Babelsberg will show us villas with both architectural interest and lots of history, where famous people from politics, sport and show business have lived.

Tuesday, 24 October We will have a guided tour of the Comenius Garden, a historical reconstruction of the works of Amos Comenius, an educator from Bohemia who lived in the early 17th century. The garden is lovely in itself, and the tour explains the symbolism of the various parts of the garden as travel along life’s path, in a kind of lifelong learning.

Thursday, 26 October A stroll in Kreuzberg will include an introduction to its lively past and present,

and a view of many well-known Berlin sights.

Friday, 27 October A visit to the former village of Stölpchensee, the oldest part of Wannsee, which grew from a small fishemen’s village to a summer residence for Berliners, until it was integrated into Greater Berlin in 1920.

Eat, Drink, and Enjoy

Thursday, 12 October The Casual Evening group invites members to drop in for a drink or meal at a convenient central location and chill out at the (almost!) end of the week.

Friday, 20 October The Kool Kiez group invites members to the Palace Restaurant in Charlottenburg, a Lebanese restaurant that also offers classic international dishes.

Books and Films

Monday, 23 October
The Science Group meets (on Zoom) to talk about Johann
Hari’s book, Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention. (Did you know that, on average, US college students now focus on a single task for only 65 second?)

Wednesday 25 October The Biographies Book Group discusses books about Emmy Noether, a noted mathematician and one of the first women to teach at a German university—with backing from Einstein, who respected her work.

Monday, 30 October The Afternoon Book Group (on Zoom) discusses Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver.

Film Buffs, a WhatsApp group, meets on an ad hoc basis, at times convenient to participants, to go to the cinema together.

Stay Fit With

Walking Groups

Saturday, 7 October A hike on the mid-south side of Berlin, full of fascinating variety: a nature preserve, a train museum, a 1920s Siedlung with beautiful architecture, a lake … and more!

Every Wednesday A walk around Schlachtensee

Every Thursday A walk around Tiergarten

Crafts, Languages, and Games
Monday, 9 and 23 October English Speakers
Tuesday, 17 and 31 October German Speakers (morning)
Tuesday, 31 October German Conversation (early evening)

The Club has multiple Mah Jong groups that play regularly, as well as a crafts group that meets at participants’ convenience.